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Donetta Shelby, LPC, NCC

Donetta Shelby she/her
Licensed Professional Counselor 
Currently on leave

Navigating Depression and Anxiety

Depression and anxiety affects the lives of millions of Americans. The impact on your daily functioning can be pervasive, often keeping you from being your best self in all areas of life. You may find yourself feeling discouraged or overwhelmed when it comes to reducing the symptoms of depression anxiety. You’ve probably tried everything from self-help books, to church, to meditation,  or even self-medicating. In the end, the lack of results left you feeling hopeless and maybe even worthless, attributing all the blame to yourself. 

Allow me to shift that blame to the disorder and not you. There are many different causes for depression and anxiety disorders to include chemical imbalance, trauma, interpersonal conflict, genetics, and grief. Just as there are many causes for depression and anxiety, there are also many solutions.


Together, we will work to identify the root cause of your depression/anxiety symptoms and develop strategies to reduce them. There is hope. You can heal. Let's begin your therapy journey today.

Your Mental Health Wellness Journey

I began my journey towards wellness my senior year of college after realizing that I was suffering from symptoms of burnout. The symptoms became so severe that I would frequently become ill, thinking that it was due to the crazy Texas weather, but that was not it.


My body was taking score of all the late nights I stayed up doing homework, my junk food binging, the countless student organization meetings, the stress of balancing employment with studying, and most importantly, the negative self-talk I regularly participated in. After realizing I had control over my wellness, I began to take steps to improve my daily habits which led to a happier, more fulfilled life. The current version of myself would barely recognize the old me and cannot believe the life I led.

The transformation started with one step: accepting the fact that my bad habits and lack of boundaries were the only thing in the way between me and my happiness. The next steps afterwards were small. So small that I did not even recognize them, until I noticed the big impact they had on my overall wellness. 

All great transformations start with small steps towards change. If you are reading this, you’ve made several small steps to get here: realizing that something in your life needs to change, recognizing your power to change it, and using that power to seek out professional counseling help to do so.

So what's the next small step? Scheduling your free 15-minute therapy consultation to learn how we can begin your transformation journey.

Strengths-Based & Solution-Focused

As both a counselor and a survivor, I believe that we all have the innate strength and resilience to bounce back from any obstacle we face. Sometimes, we just need an unbiased, listening ear and a safe space to process our concerns in a healthy and effective manner. Other times, it is our problem-oriented thinking that pose a barrier between the life we want and the life we have. With my assistance as your facilitator, we will identify your strengths and develop solutions to the issues that prevent you from functioning at your highest level. When you shift your mindset from problem-oriented to solution-focused, you’d be surprised at just how happy you can be.


What’s preventing you from making that shift? Schedule your free 15-minute counseling consultation to begin the process of finding out what is keeping you from true happiness and life satisfaction.


 Other Therapy Specialties:

  • Imposter Syndrome

  • Productivity and Motivation

  • Self-Confidence and Self-Worth

  • Racial discrimination in the workplace/school environment


  • Licensed Professional Counselor Associate– Texas #86378

  • National Certified Counselor 

  • Doctoral Student in Counselor Education at Sam Houston State University

  • Master of Education in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from the University of Houston-Victoria

  • Bachelor of Science in Psychology from the University of Houston

Accepting Individuals, Couples and Family (case by case)
Insurances Accepted: UnitedHealth Care, Optum, Oscar, Cigna, BlueCross (BCBS)

Private Pay Rate: $150

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