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Dr. Bernadette Smith - Texas Counselor & Therapist

Dr. Bernadette P. Smith she/her
ensed Professional Counselor - Supervisor

Your Relationship Journey Starts Within

The first step towards a healthy relationship with others is developing a healthy relationship with yourself.

I am a native Houstonian, and while the summers can seem unbearable, I would choose Houston summers over long snowy winters any day! You would think I like winter since I was born in November, but not this girl!

Many years ago, before marriage and two kids, around my birthday, I was sitting in my room, and I thought to myself, “I have to be doing something wrong.” I recently ended a relationship, and a bad one at that. I legit should not have been dating him. I started thinking about how he shared some qualities of a previous guy I dated. I started to look inward after I had that realization because once can be chalked up to life experiences, but twice, well, that’s a pattern. And I didn’t want that to be my pattern. It was in that moment that I started to do a deep dive into my past relationships, but most importantly myself.


I believe that a healthy relationship starts within. Whether you are single, dating, or in a relationship, I take the time to help you uncover your wants, desires, and most importantly, your roadblocks that are preventing you from achieving the relationship you desire.


I’ve been with my husband for over 10 years. And I am going to be honest with you. Relationships take work. And it can be hard work at times. And it requires consistency. If you are willing to do that, then you will begin to see transformation in yourself and your relationship.


What is holding you back from taking the next step and scheduling a free 15 consultation? What do you have to lose from scheduling a free 15 consultation? Most importantly, what could you gain from beginning your transformative journey?

Your Wellness Journey

When I was in college I majored in English and my mentor would say “When are you going to realize you’re not an English major?” I worked in the Wellness Center on campus and helped her manage all of the wellness outreach initiatives and she saw how passionate I was about the work I was doing on campus.

Well she was right, I decided to not move forward with becoming a teacher and began to explore the field of counseling. It was a perfect and natural fit. Even though my time at the Wellness Center was many years ago, my counseling roots began in Wellness.

As I have gotten older and experienced various life events and transitions, my appreciation for wellness has grown. When of the 6 Dimensions of Wellness is off, it trickles into other aspects of your life. I have found that recognizing your triggers and implementing wellness techniques can help maintain balance in your life. I have also found that often times, it can be the smallest adjustments that make the biggest impact.

Why continue to live your life unbalanced and stressed when you can start implementing simple steps today?

What about other issues outside of relationships and wellness?

There are definitely other areas of concern that I assist clients with, Relationships and Wellness just happen to my niche. I would also enjoy working with you to create a better sense of self and assist you in creating the happiness you desire. So if you find that you might want to address life transitions, self-esteem, grief and loss, reach out for a free consultation so we can discuss how I will be able to help you reach your goals. 


  • Licensed Professional Counselor Supervisor – Texas #741741

  • National Certified Counselor 

  • Doctorate of Education in Counselor Education from Texas Southern University

  • Master of Education in Counseling from Texas Southern University

  • Bachelor of Arts in English Linguistics from the University of Houston

Insurance Accepted: Cigna, BCBS, UnitedHealth Care, Oscar, Optum, Carelon (Beacon)

Private Pay Rate: $170

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