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We create a safe place for you to heal and grow

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Counseling / Therapy

Whether you call it counseling or therapy, we provide telemental health services to Texans from the comfort of your house, office, car, or any other confidential place that feels comfortable for you.

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Let us help you uncover what it blocking your growth. We will work together to enhance your strengths while addressing your limitations to help you achieve your goals

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We look at the whole person through the wellness model. Together, we will identify ways you can enhance your overall wellness. We also work with corporations and institutions to provide wellness support to their team. 

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As you endure life’s transitions, accepting and adapting to these differences may seem difficult. Trying to maintain your strength and cope may seem impossible. Becoming aware of how you may be holding yourself back from being fully productive or how you are sabotaging your relationship or career goals is the first step towards making positive change in your life. Life changes can be overwhelming and challenging, but you don't have to travel the road alone. The counselors at Aspen Counseling and Wellness provide supportive and personalized counseling services.

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Rediscover your passion and create the life you want with counseling.

Providing support for child to thrive.

Presentations for corporations, schools, churches and other organizations.

Personalized wellness trainings to enhance employee engagement.

Online African American Therapists In Houston, Dallas, Austin & San Antonio

Getting Mental Health Help is about...







Self Love


Is Online Therapy Right For Me?

Absolutely! Telemental health is great for people who may be busy or their daily lives make it more challenging to meet a counselor in the office. A traditional session is 45-50 mins, which can occur during a lunch break without the headache of traffic or rushing back. Simply put, it is a convenient way to seek the help and guidance you desire.

You can always do a 15 min consultation at no cost to see if telemental health is right for you.

Schedule a Black Therapist in Houston

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There is something comforting knowing that your therapist just gets it. That some things you just don't have to explain or even defend. We provide relationship therapy, pre-martial counseling and marriage counseling. Aspen Counseling and Wellness is dedicated to ensuring that you get the support you need so that you can thrive. 

  • Communication Problems

  • Financial Difficulties

  • Infidelity Issues

  • Relationship Intimacy

Online African American Therapists in Houston, Dallas, Austin & San Antonio

Family Counseling in Houston

At Aspen Counseling & Wellness, we offer family therapy and counseling to help families deal with life's stressors. We'll help your family create peace and balance, and  work with you to find solutions that work for everyone.

  • Parenting Dilemmas

  • Family Issues

  • Pre-martial Counseling

Individual Counseling For Black Women

We know that life can be stressful. You're not sure how much longer you can keep up this pace. But we also know that you're not the type of person to give up or give in. You're a fighter, and you're always looking for ways to improve and grow. If you're ready to take the next step, we're here for you.


Schedule a therapy appointment today, and let us help you create the life you want.

  • Life Transitions

  • Anxiety

  • Stress

  • Depression

  • Self Esteem

  • Grief

  • Divorce

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