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Aspen Counseling and Wellness, a thriving mental health practice in Texas, is seeking dedicated individuals passionate about nurturing mental health and committed to delivering quality services. Our mission is to create meaningful connections with our therapy clients, helping them reach their true potential and experience the love they seek both within and outside of themselves.

At Aspen Counseling and Wellness, we primarily work with individuals and couples navigating life transitions, anxiety, depression, dissatisfaction, and grief. We strive to support healing and growth in all aspects of our clients' lives. We're inviting you to join us if you have a deep understanding of yourself, can navigate the clinical process ethically and in line with licensure codes and laws, and resonate with our guiding principles of empathy, connection, growth, confidentiality, and professionalism.

We acknowledge the importance of our therapists' mental well-being. We understand that in order to effectively support our clients, we must also tend to our own mental health needs. This perspective allows us to be fully present and engaged in the therapeutic process, genuinely connecting with the people who count on us.

We're looking for passionate, hardworking, and self-motivated individuals committed to expanding their knowledge and honing their craft. If you believe in empowering individuals and couples to achieve personal and professional growth, creating a safe and confidential space where clients can discuss and address their concerns, and delivering high-quality therapy services with empathy, understanding, and professionalism, then Aspen Counseling and Wellness could be a good fit for you.

Our practice serves professionals across Texas such as Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, Austin, and other cities throughout the state of Texas. We offer couples counseling and individual therapy for a range of concerns, including life transitions, communication breakdowns, grief, wellness, and stress management. Our experienced and qualified therapists are dedicated to helping clients navigate their challenges, reach their personal and professional goals, and embrace fulfilling lives.

Join us in our purposeful endeavor to enable people to find their true potential through healing and meaningful connections. Let's work together in empowering individuals and couples to lead more fulfilling lives and to see them thrive. If you align with our mission, principles, and goals, we invite you to apply and become a part of the Aspen Counseling and Wellness team. Your journey towards making a significant impact on the mental health landscape in Texas starts here.


Administrative Assistant - filled

Personal Assistant - filled

Licensed Mental Health Provider (fully licensed or associates who have supervision)

Licensed Professional Counselor Associate (needs supervisor)

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