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Journe' Dupree | Houston Therapist

Journe' Dupree she/her
Licensed Professional Counselor 

​Grace. Growth. Gratitude 

I have three drivers that I implement during the therapeutic process, grace, growth and gratitude.


I developed these drivers through both my personal and clinical experiences and I find it helpful to help navigate the therapeutic journey with my clients.


In my journey I found that Grace is extremely  important. Often times we are so hard on ourselves and don't extend ourselves grace. In learning to extend ourselves grace we also learn to extend grace to others. Extending grace in your therapeutic journey encourages growth.


Growth is a very powerful transformative process. Leaning into the uncomfortableness that can come with growth is vital to help reach your goals. During your growth process, I will help you uncover your strengths so that you can navigate your life's journey with grace and authenticity. 

There have been studies conducted about the transformative power of Gratitude. The simple practice of gratitude can rewire your brain. Incorporating gratitude can assist us in honoring ourselves as we navigate the therapeutic journey. A simple exercise that I like to give clients is to write one gratitude a day for four weeks. This simple exercise can help us begin to focus on the positive in your life. 

Let's begin your journey of grace, growth and gratitude. Schedule an counseling appointment today.

Navigating Life's Transitions

My first experience with a significant life transition occurred at the age of 12. Hurricane Katrina struck my hometown of New Orleans and destroyed it. What I thought would be a temporary evacuation situation turned into a brand new living situation. I was lost. I was confused. I could not label any of my feelings at the time. I just knew life was different, and I was dealing with it. Fast forward fifteen years later, here I am enduring somewhat of the same transition, but this one was by choice. During the peak of COVID-19 in 2020, I decided to relocate to Houston from New Orleans and embark on a new chapter. I had to adapt to new ways of living and become comfortable with my new surroundings and lifestyle. Both of these transitions sparked different emotions, perspectives, and experiences for me. Both are key life transitions that I have endured and navigated to the best of my ability. No one is exempt from transitions in life. Regardless if it is by choice or not, it can create a lot of questions, varying emotions and even doubt.


Something is bound to change, whether a change in living conditions, changes in your career/workplace, or experiencing changes within yourself or your family. It can feel really difficult to acknowledge and maintain during these experiences.  Accepting and adapting to these differences may seem difficult, but the support of a counselor with an objective and supportive lens can assist. In the safe space of a judgment-free therapeutic relationship, we can collaborate to develop a trusting relationship and work together to address the transitions in your life.


Of my three drivers, growth is the most significant when enduring change. Change can bring unwanted stress, despair, and difficulty. I am here to support you in navigating these changes and embracing your growth as a result. Together, we will build on your strengths to help us create growth in your life. 

Let's unleash your strengths today. Let's begin your journey today.

Safe and Judgment Free Space

The road to choosing therapy is not always the easiest traveled.  Initially, it can seem scary or embarrassing to think about unleashing those inner thoughts and feelings to a complete stranger. I understand. As your counselor, I will create a safe and open environment for you to be your authentic self. Of my three drivers, in a therapeutic relationship, grace is the most significant when acknowledging our space. Give yourself grace, accept grace, and allow grace to flow as we connect and engage in our safe space. When we feel safe enough to vulnerably share our stories and struggles, we begin to see that we are not alone. This creates the opportunity for compassion, connection, learning, and growth. My goal is to create a place where you feel safe enough to be vulnerable, because in that vulnerability, we will be able to unlock the hidden elements that are hindering your growth. 


Are you ready to unlock your potential? Scheduling your free 15-minute therapy consultation to learn how we can begin your transformative journey.

Strengths-Based & Solution-Focused

My approach to therapy is person-centered, solution-focused, and supportive. You are the captain of your ship, and I am here to help you see this to be true. I approach the therapeutic relationship in a way that sparks gratitude. My goal in our counseling relationship is to focus on you, build on your recognized and unrecognized strengths, and foster a solution-focused approach to the issues that exist in your life. I am open to contributing to a therapeutic relationship that empowers you as a whole being, elevates your solution-focused mindset, and enables you to feel seen and heard. 


What’s preventing you from making that shift? Schedule your free 15-minute consultation to begin the process of finding out what is keeping you from true happiness and life satisfaction.


 Other Therapy Specialties:

  • Productivity and Motivation

  • Self-Confidence and Self-Worth

  • Racial discrimination in the workplace/school environment


  • Licensed Professional Counselor – Texas #88649

  • National Certified Counselor

Accepting Individuals and Couples

Insurances Accepted: Cigna, United Health Care, Oscar, Optum, Magellan 

Private Pay Rate: $150

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