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Brittany Boudreaux

Brittany Boudreaux she/her
Licensed Professional Counselor - Associate, NCC, CTP,

Brittany Boudreaux is supervised by Bernadette P. Smith, Ed.D., LPC-S

​Don’t just exist, live. 

One of my favorite quotes is by the poet Rupi Kaur and it says, “And here you are living despite it all”.

Sometimes we get dealt difficult cards in life. Yet through all the hardships we survive. However, I believe that in life we should do more than just survive or exist, we should live and experience each day to the fullest. That is what I want to help you do.


I was born and raised in Houston and love my city with everything in me.

I began my college freshman year at Hampton University, but transferred after one semester to Texas State University, where I finished my undergraduate degree. At this point you may be asking what made me spend one semester at an illustrious HBCU and then move back to Texas to attend one of the largest PWI’s in the state. It’s because I wasn’t living, I was simply existing.


During my freshman year of college, I experienced my first battle with mental health. In simpler terms, I wasn’t happy. I was severely depressed. In the same year, I was privileged enough to have parents who cared and found a therapist for me. I began to realize not everyone has parents who would go to the ends of earth for them, that therapy isn’t always affordable for everyone, and that as black people we don’t always have the best experiences with mental health professionals.


After experiencing my own mental health struggles, and watching those I cared for struggle, I began to rethink my desired career in interior design. The moment I decided to join the small percentage of black therapists and be the change I wished to see was one of the best decisions I ever made.

Let's begin your journey so that you can go from existing to living. Schedule an counseling appointment today.

Child Therapist

As a passionate child therapist at Aspen Counseling & Wellness, I specialize in
supporting the mental and emotional well-being of minors. With years of
experience and a dedicated approach, I aim to provide a safe and nurturing
environment for every child and adolescent under my care. At the heart of my
practice, you'll find a deep commitment to helping young individuals navigate the
complexities of their emotions, offering them the tools and guidance they need to
thrive. My goal is to empower minors to understand and express themselves in
healthy ways, fostering resilience and happiness. I believe that providing a safe
place for our youth to process the things they go through or any challenges they are
faces is key to their development. I have a passion for helping teens discover tools
like healthy coping mechanisms, selfcare techniques and more, prior to adulthood
so they can feel more prepared for adult challenges.

Learn more about my approach and how I can help your child flourish and schedule a free consultation today. 

Certified Trauma Professional (CTP)

What is a Certified Trauma Professional? This means I've undergone specialized training to understand and treat trauma in its many forms—be it emotional, physical, or psychological. I know that trauma can cast a long shadow over your life, affecting your mental health, relationships, and even your sense of self. That's why I'm committed to providing a safe and nurturing space where you can explore your experiences and feelings without judgment.

I've faced my own challenges that have shaped me both personally and professionally. I understand that the journey through healing is deeply personal, and can be complex. My role is to walk beside you on this path, while offering specialized knowledge and tools to help you navigate your journey towards healing. I am here to support you in moving from merely surviving to truly thriving.

If you're ready to take that brave step toward healing, I'm here to guide and support you through your transformative journey. Let's work together to unlock the barriers that have been holding you back, so you can live your life to the fullest. Let's begin your journey today.

Take the Next Step.

I work with individuals of all backgrounds including individuals from the BIPOC and LBGTQIA+ community who are dealing with life transitions, trauma, relationship problems, anxiety, and depression.

I am experienced in cognitive and dialectical behavioral therapy. However, I work from a person-centered eclectic perspective. This means first and foremost I want to get to know you and what brings you to therapy, then together we can build the proper form of treatment for you.


Starting therapy can be a scary thing. I am a stranger to you right now and opening up about life’s hardest battles to a stranger can be daunting. Researching therapists is already a huge step, be proud of that! If you find yourself ready to take the next step, I hope to become more than a stranger and support you through your healing journey.

Take the next step, let's unleash your strengths today. Let's begin your journey today.

The Journey to Self-Discovery

Every individual is unique, and so is their healing journey. As a therapist, I believe in the importance of a tailored approach. By understanding your unique experiences, challenges, and goals, we can work together to develop a therapeutic plan that resonates with you.

For some, this might involve exploring past traumas and understanding their impact on present-day behaviors. For others, it might mean developing coping strategies to manage anxiety or depression. Regardless of the path we take, the goal remains the same: to help you live a life that feels fulfilling and authentic.

Are you ready to begin your journey to self-discovery? Scheduling your free 15-minute therapy consultation to learn how we can begin your transformative journey.


  • Licensed Professional Counselor Associate (Supervised by Teri Marrow, PhD., LPC-S, NCC, CSC) - #92421

  • National Certified Counselor

  • Master of Science in Clinical Mental Health Counseling

  • Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

Accepting Individuals

Insurances Accepted: Cigna

Private Pay Rate: $100

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